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Creative Direction:

Developing creative strategies, creating pitches and presentation decks, producing sales reels and mock-ups for possible clients, ensuring brand consistency throughout campaigns, scriptwriting, social media video and static strategies, VR/AR campaign management, influencer marketing implementation and optimization, marketing report analysis, and budget management.

Remote Management & Team Building:

Managing several teams across regions and timezones, keeping up with every project status through management tools such as Monday or Asana, building a team of creatives across regions, and optimizing the company’s budget by having a mix of in-house and freelance teams depending on each project’s needs, hiring the right professionals for the job by being an active part in the hiring process.

Marketing & Reporting:

Creating A/B test advertising and content strategies, understanding the blend between creative “out of the box” ideas and campaigns that generate the desired ROI, optimizing creative and content strategy based on campaign reports.

Pitching & Client Management

Creating and pitching creative strategy to stakeholders and clients, building sales pitch reels and mock-ups, answering common questions regarding budgets and timelines, keeping a good relationship with the client throughout the production process by making sure that communication is clear and expectations are being met on both sides.

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Content Campaigns

Advertising Campaigns: 

(Creative Producer & Production Manager, 2015)

(Director, 2019)

(Campaign Creative Director, 2019) 

(Campaign Creative Director, 2020)

(Campaign Creative Director and Scriptwriter, 2021)

(Campaign Creative Director and Scriptwriter, 2019)

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 (Creative Direction and Scriptwriting, 2016)

(Creative Direction, Scene Direction, Co-Production and Scriptwriting, 2019/2020)

(Creative Direction, 2019/2020)

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 “In 2019, I produced a series of content marketing videos at McClatchy where my team and I would provide our best professional advice on different industry-related topics. These are my pro tips, and I hope they can be useful to you.”

My Best Creative Advice

Differences Between Advertising and Content Marketing

I am thrilled you would like to contact me about an opportunity! Please leave your message and I will certainly respond as soon as I can. Feel free to also request my full portfolio book, resume, and references.

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